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Summer Vacations

Updated: May 8, 2020

by Divyanshu Juneja

Summer Vacations are the best time to relax and enjoy with everyone. Every year children and students wait for their summer vacations to start so that they can get rid of their school and their studies for a short while. Schools and Colleges remain closed because of the high temperature during this season. It is the best time to rejuvenate ourselves.

On 30th of May school was out, and I was wondering how can I spend my vacations in a way, which makes them the best of my life and I can always remember them while talking about quality time or moments of my life.

During my vacations, my family and I decided to visit a hill station. We've been to the far north of the country. We visited 'Kasauli', a small hit town of Himachal Pradesh. There we had a stay for one night at 'Birds View Resort'. We visited the 'Sunrise and Sunset points'. The next morning we headed towards a small village near Chail region in Himachal Pradesh only, knows as 'Sadhupul'. It is a picnic spot, where a stream of water flows under a concrete bridge. The benches were set-up in the middle of the river where one can sit while eating food ordered from the nearby vendors or brought from home. We spent some quality time there. Then we went to a nearby place called Water Park Cafe. It is a water amusement park where we all had a lot of fun. We spent the night at a nearby resort. The next morning we came back to our home. The whole journey was like a dream come true to me.

From the other day, I started my homework for the holidays. My school teachers had given us some exciting projects and homework to do for vacations. I completed these assignments before we get back to school in early July. These required creativity and study and were fun to do as we learnt new things outside our school syllabus.

On the 8th of July, our school reopened. I was excited to go to school as after a long time we were to meet our friends. But I could never forget any single moment spent on these holidays, and I am happy that my family helped me to make my vacations the best time of my life.


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