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My passion for guitar

By Drishty of Grade X

Hey everyone! I am Drishty. Hope you all are doing great. Today I'm here to share my first blog with you. I'm very excited to share this blog with you.

Music is a part of every human's life and it should be too. Everyone has their own choice of music. I can't even tell you all of them as it is an unfeasible task. But, I can share some of them such as classical, regional, folk, instrumental music and many more. If to be considered my choice I will choose instrumental as it is very soothing and relaxing to the mind. From my experience, it can also prevent a person to lose his/her temper easily.

From musical instruments my favourite is the guitar. Whenever I hear the sound of a guitar it seems like I'm going in the world of calmness and comfort. I'm sharing a lot about this while it would be crazy for you to know that I hadn't played it even once in my life. But it is my wish to learn the guitar and play it like a pro. My parents have promised me and I'll be very happy to have it as my 15th birthday gift. The moment when I would have my own guitar in my hands would be an ecstatic and a memorable moment of my life.

My passion for guitar has driven me to learn everything in relation to it. Through the internet, I have learnt everything, ranging from string types, frets and its headstock. So now I'm anxiously waiting for my own first guitar.

This is a beautiful experience to share my views with you. And I'm sure that you all would also be having a passion in your life. I'll suggest you to not squander your time. If you have any dream or passion, go for it with a pure determination as well as interest and you will definitely have it. Thank you very much for reading my blog. I wish that you all are fine and safe at your home and have a bright outlook for the future.


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