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My Journey & Tennis

- Jasmeen Samrow

Words are not enough to describe how I feel about tennis. I'm always happy while playing tennis. Let me tell you how I started playing it and how much I improved.

I was in 7th grade when I started this exciting journey. I remember that all the students of our school were sitting in the auditorium and our managing director was informing us about a new game (tennis) that was going to be introduced in our school. He was giving a speech about its benefits related to our health and was saying that it would be great if we took part in it.

I didn't pay attention to him as I thought that I studied school text books with augean, so why would i waste my valuable time on this useless sport. While listening to our teacher's speech I was upset and happy at same time. Upset because his speech was a bit boring for me and happy because his tedious speech wasted our 4 periods. I was really bored that day.

When I arrived at home, I told my dad about the game. I told him that I was not interested at all in playing it but my dad took it seriously and asked our school sports teacher to add my name in the game. I didn't want to join it but I had to. We played tennis everyday due to which we couldn't attend our English periods. Also, due to this I could avoid my punishments. The reason he punished me was because I was very talkative.

After playing tennis for a few days, my opinions about it changed completely. I never got tired while playing. Every night during those days, I started dreaming of becoming the world's best player but my dream started fading in the beginning of 8th grade as our coach left the school for some reasons. There was no other coach in our school.

So, I changed my school in order to achieve my dream. It was hard for me to settle down in a new environment but I was able to do that with the help of new friends. I joined a tennis club for practice.

I got a gold medal at district level but unfortunately I lost at state level. I'm practicing hard so that next time I can win. I don't practice until I get it right but until I don't get it wrong.

Nowadays, due to corona virus I'm not able to go out for practice so it's a little sad but we have to stay at home in order to be safe, right?

I'm sure that one day I will achieve my goal as everyone's dream can come true if you just stick to it and work hard.

That's about it. I hope you liked my blog. I was quite nervous before writing this but now that I have completed, I think it has turned out fine. Thanks for reading my blog. Maybe, I will write another one soon. Bye

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