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What is most important in the Life of a Student?

Updated: Sep 20, 2021

- Kasvi Bansal, X-B

Hello everyone! This is my first blog and I’m not sure how I should start it. It is basically about Student Life which is really good in the sense that you get to learn a lot of things and meet various new people and enjoy yourself with them. Learning new things, making achievements , and having a gala time with friends make student life really beautiful.

Here are some suggestions that you need to be kept in mind to make this phase of life more beautiful:

LEARNING SHOULD BE A TOP PRIORITY. You should enjoy learning the things taught to you.
  • DON’T GET DISTRACTED. Your life will give you a thousand opportunities to make friends, go for picnics or use a smartphone. But the student life won't come back.

  • DON’T STUDY FOR GRADES. Never study just for the sake of scoring good marks. You may get marks this way but you can't pursue a good career with this philosophy.

  • NEVER MUG UP. Mugging up concepts will give you nothing. You can get a degree by mugging up, but what about your career? A teacher with no knowledge can't teach, an Engineer without knowledge can't do anything substantial, a Doctor without proper knowledge can never heal patients.

  • NEVER LOSE HOPE. If you don't get good grades, that doesn't mean you can never do anything. Failing in an exam doesn't mean you can never pass. Always have a positive attitude towards life. If you don't make the best use of opportunities you'll have to repent later.

With the help of smart work and proper use of time, you can achieve many things in your student life and each step will take you towards success.

I hope all the viewers and readers liked my blog, I feel my next blog will be more creative and interesting. And also I would like to thank my management and school teachers who have given a chance to each and every student for writing a blog.

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