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Look into the Future

Updated: May 8, 2020

Look into the future. What do you see? Don’t tell me it’s a dystopia. Dystopias are boring. They are so yesteryear. Theologies of the past reverberating into the future, shaping our ever so paranoid minds. Our history is filled with one example after another, of men who have resisted change, cautious about a dark future. Little did they know that change is inevitable as it has time on its side, an unrelenting force that has no end and one that overpowers all others. Don’t be those men, be better. See the change coming, or better yet, be the change, drive the change.

I see us divided and in that division a strength. A division of old vs new. A division as old as time itself. The old cling to values and traditions and new set out on a path of disruption. The old see disruption as a threat to our values and traditions, toppling our stability and irritating the over-socialized. The technologies driving the disruption are powerful and are bound to take over. The old are not wrong, they are simply misread.

Technology is disrupting every single sector of industry and business on our planet, changing the dynamics of market forces and revolutionizing how we interact with every market. With this, the very definition of work is bound to change. Contract-based jobs will slowly be phased out by intelligent machines and companies will only look for ultra-skilled labour and pay them project by project. This change would be slow, but it is bound to happen. We see this already happening in capital-rich companies, where warehousing is completely autonomous, and all clerical based tasks are handled by AIs complimented by the Internet of Things.

Gas stations will become redundant, their roles filled by movie cinemas and malls, where most of us would charge our cars. The entertainment spots we know now would have to redesign their spaces, to suit the needs of customers who not only need parking, but electricity to charge their cars while they browse through the venue’s offerings. Car ownership would not be what it is now, with vehicles being subscribed to, instead of being owned. Intercity travel would be preferred via public transport, Hyperloops and Trains instead of cars or ever aeroplanes.

The food we eat now would become scarce and a luxury. Food for the masses would change, not just the content but how it's grown. Our clothes would be a form of a new strand of artificial fibres. All is would change, and we would have to change along with it or perish.

You have a chance and with that chance, a perspective. So, I ask you again, look into the future, what do you see?

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