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First Step Towards Reading

Updated: May 8, 2020

by Jugan

Hey guys, this is my first blog and I hope you would like it.

Reading my first series of books was fascinating. One day, I was just sitting and wondering about reading a book but I didn’t have an interesting book to read. I asked my mom to buy me a book but she said that you never finish a book after buying it. At that time, I was so eager to read any book except my school books. So, I started searching for books online. After searching for a long time one of the bestsellers grabbed my attention which was none other than ‘Harry Potter’ series.

I read its description which was so compelling that I wanted to read the book that instant. I asked my mum to buy it for me but she wanted me to promise that I’d read the whole series. I promised her and we ordered the books from Amazon. I was so excited to read. Before the books arrived, I read about J.K. Rowling who was the first person to become a billionaire by writing books.

The books arrived earlier than I thought. They were all together in a purple box. On that box was the Hogwarts Castle. The day the books arrived, I started reading the first part. I read in a week. Although the thickest book was ‘The Order of The Phoenix’ it took much time to read ‘The Goblet of Fire’ because during that time my grandma left this world. Then, I had the Annual Function at my school. So, after these incidents, it was a bit difficult to gain interest in the story of the book. Slowly, I read the whole series.

After reading the series, I told my sister about it. She borrowed the books one by one from me to read them. She liked the series very much. She calls both of us ‘Potter heads’.

When I was still reading the book, I carried it in my school bag. I used to read it in the car and sometimes in Math class but luckily the teacher never knew and I really hope she does not scold me after she reads this blog.

My mom and dad bought me more books. When there was no space to keep them my dad ordered a new bookshelf for me which was a surprise.

This series made reading my hobby.

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