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Drink Healthy

Updated: May 8, 2020

by Bhavit Garg

I was tired when I came back home after school. As my, the teacher told me to write a blog and my mind was totally revolving around it. Then my mom gave me a glass of water which had little muddy and cold in taste. So, I called my mother and asked her why there is a change in the taste of water! Actually, it was so tasty. Then my mother told me that this was the water of earthen pot made of mud. Pot makes the water cool and fresh. It also purifies the water. Then I told my mother that the teacher has also taught me about ancient times kitchens and modern kitchens appliances.

Until about 50 years ago all people used pot half deepen in the soil for drinking water. Nowadays filters and refrigerators replaced the pots. Today's people think filtered water is good for our health, contains more minerals and purifies water perfectly. But that is just our understanding. RO Filters have depleted the essential minerals from water. They didn't know about the benefits of earthen pot water. People also depend on mineral water bottles which we buy from the shops. These are plastic bottles. Firstly, the water in the plastic bottle is very harmful to us because when the plastic is heated up it releases a chemical which gets mixed in water and makes the water poisonous. This water can cause many diseases in our body. So, the question arises that which water is more beneficial for us? From my point of view, the pot water is most beneficial for us because it is free of cost, retains many minerals in water and also cleans purified water.


# Everyone  says-  EAT HEALTHY, BE  HEALTHY    But  I will always say - EAT HEALTHY, BUT  ALSO  DRINK HEALTHY.

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