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Updated: May 8, 2020

by Anup Khangura

Writings are not necessarily for any cause but when you feel you write, when you scream you scribble, when you are set back in life you tear up the words and when you see the glory around this thorny world you play with rubbed sentences.

So here I am setting the nib on work to script my lively, laughing scenery with a hidden mystery story till now.

This bird without wings began her journey from Kindergarten in her village. A shy snoopy kid with muddy shoes, she rested on the last bench with a world of her own. OMG! the day my grandfather took me to GEGS for admission my fairy world seemed endangered. I still remember the assembly area which I saw first and got trapped in. Villain stories which pampered me until I joined the institute with a green skirt and unkempt plates. I never uttered a single word to anyone. And slowly and gradually this bird's wings grew, and my last bench’s rest changed into a handy chalk writing names on the blackboard for those who speak a lot.

To miss that math sleepy hour, I joined swimming which shinned this dusty soul from an introvert to a public speaker. Oh, not a scholar I was, just a player with situations who worked on the treaty of sailing in Thunder Bay at the last moment. Regardless of middle-class ventures I believed in living the life on my own terms and started to conceptualize leadership on people who obey my sticky rules from playing in rain in the basketball ground to slaying in fields they interest upon. Those rowdy words of actions shaped into a wave of peace in the storm when I first stepped in my college. With a new environment, new people, and a new bucket list, what remained constant was CHANGE. All the stuff I went through yesterday never happened next. Now, this creepy bird works up, but never regrets just going with the flow, leaving aside those stubby ideas of resting because life needs to change at every moment, unlike death which lies waiting for everyone to be served in her ever-starving plate!

Thank you.

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