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A Romance with Photography

Updated: May 8, 2020

Pancham Sharma (X Lily)-

It was my 15th birthday when my father gifted me a DSLR. I never asked him directly, but he knew that my interest was in clicking pictures. The order was delivered by Flipkart one day before my birthday. I finally got the object I desired. I opened it and rushed to my friend's house with a camera. My friend and I clicked a lot of pictures that day. After that day, I everyday climbed to the roof of my house to photograph the beautiful sunsets and planes. I took photos of random stuff I saw on the street, and even photos of my food, my dog. I never got tired of clicking pictures.

What keeps me so interested in photography is how we’re able to tell a story or even create emotions through an image. I soon joined the workshop for photography. It helped me a lot in learning new tricks for better photography. I became famous with my friends for my well-known photography. I also started receiving requests from people to click their pictures.

You see, photography is so much more than focusing and pressing a button. People who take photos are capturing the world in their way. If 10 people take a photo of the same subject, I guarantee that every photo will look different. We all have different perspectives. When someone takes a photo, they are sharing their perspective, and I think that is pretty cool. I am also lucky that my parents encouraged me to follow my passion. I will continue doing workshops for improving my photography skills and capture beautiful moments.


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