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Entering the "Golden School"

Updated: May 8, 2020

Hello there!

No more nervousness. It’s all gone now. I am starting my second week at work and felt like sharing my experience with you. It might be a bit silly, but I wanted my husband to drop me on the very first day to complement my courage. Phew! I entered “The Big Wooden Gate” with a great nervousness as I found myself going on a mission just like a soldier who was on the field after recovering from her injuries. All because I am starting a job after quite a long time. Yes, because of marriage and the baby. I entered the reception area where I was asked to wait along with the other new members.

Oh, the Trophies! “Bright and shiny”, “big and small”, meanwhile I was looking around the reception area and I could stop myself from admiring the trophy section. Although many questions were running through my mind like how the atmosphere of the office will be? Will I be able to adjust with the colleagues? Will I be able to work well and complete targets? And then I got the call from the office. It was quite a different environment in the head office. Their warm welcome helped me to gain confidence. By wishing me luck they assigned me my duties and showed me to the room where I had to start my work. Some faculty members were asked to help me so that I may not face any kind of problem. No more horrible thoughts went through my mind as everything went nice and smooth.

Now as the second week has started, I have become more comfortable at my workplace and have started to love my work.

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