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Our Aims

Golden Earth Global School, Sangrur Sports Day

A Golden Future

The principal objective of the School is to design and implement a curriculum that develops the skill to understand, learn and transfer learning to Students. To achieve the above objectives, the School pursues the following aims:

  • To provide an environment to foster the pursuit of excellence so that each student has the opportunity to achieve the best scholastic and personal potential.

  • To provide a climate for best pedagogy techniques, creative and modern in style and delivery. Learning is through doing as far as possible, relying on the ‘Project Method’ of learning.

  • Learning is open-ended, and teachers perceive themselves as facilitators rather than as purveyors of knowledge by using the ‘Guide By The Side’ rather than the ‘Sage On The Stage’ techniques.

  • To provide a caring environment in which teachers give individual attention to the well-being and personal development of the student.

  • That through example and experience, students develop values of compassion, self-discipline, fair play, respect for all religions and faiths, justice and equality, the dignity of labour, thirst for learning and tolerance.

  • That the curriculum encompasses leadership, a spirit of enquiry and adventure, self-reliance, independence and self-esteem, this is through including skills and appreciation of skills other than academic, like music, art, literature that enriches the spirit and mind of the students.

  • So that healthy respect and reverence for, and understanding of the environment and its manifestations, and a commitment to its preservation and maintenance and development are eminent in personal consciousness.

  • To prepare students for the Secondary and Senior Secondary (Medical, Non-Medical, Commerce) examination of the Central Board of Secondary Education and any other applicable international examination as may be globally relevant.

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