Rules and Regulations

Leave and Absence

  • The school does not appreciate the frequent request for grant of leave as regular attendance is essential for the progress of the students.

  • Parents should fill up the “Record for non-attendance” with a reason for each day, a student is absent.

  • Presence of the student on the opening and closing days of each term is compulsory. Absentee students must send a notification to the school authorities in time, in case of medical illness along with a medical certificate for proof.


Payment of the fee is to be done in the Bank till 15th of each quarter.
Brothers and sisters are entitled to a fee concession of Rs 300/- per month of tuition fee.

School Timings

School Timings for Summer are 8:00 am to 2:20 pm, while Kindergarten students and some senior students get off at 12:00 pm.

Home Work

Golden Earth Public School brings to you all the information regarding the progress of your child, activities in school, homework’s details, remarks, event announcement, and notices through our mobile app – Teno.  Teno app is available on both Android as well as iOS for Apple users. Kindly download & register on the app.

Steps involved in Teno registration (Android / IOS users):
Step 1:
• On Android compatible devices, go to “Google Play Store” and iOS users to the “App Store” on your phone.
• Search for “Teno”, and you will see the Teno icon
• Click “INSTALL” below the Teno icon.
Step 2:
• Once you have downloaded the app, click on log in, Enter your mobile number and Verify it via OTP.
• Select your role as “PARENT”, enter the School Registration Code as EM944 and click “SUBMIT.”
• Complete the registration form and click on “SUBMIT.”
Steps 3:
• On successful registration, click on “START”.
• On clicking “START”, all groups page will list all the groups created.
• Subscribe to relevant groups.
Here’s some helpful information:
• Your personal contact information is not visible to anybody
• All messages are recorded and easily accessible in case they need of future references.

Let’s be tightly knit to weave a better future for your child!

Parent's Role and Cooperation

Education of children is a tripartite venture involving the school, parents and society. The three have very responsible roles to play in the formation of their child’s character and personality. The importance of co-operation from the parents, their constant guidance, love and understanding will ever support our children as they walk in their journey through school.

  1. We encourage the parents to visit the school and be aware of the progress of your child.

  2. We request parents not to enter the classroom, meet the teacher or your child directly without the prior permission of the Principal.

  3. Parent-Teacher Meeting is once in two months, which allows you to check the progress of your child, give and take a suggestion from the school.

  4. Facilitate your child to have a dream in life, teach the right values and encourage them to see the positive qualities of life.

  5. Train your child to do what one ought to do and not to do what one likes to do.

  6. What the child gets in the family, the child gives to society.

  7. Home is the place where the child’s character is formed, and the school helps in the full flowering of the child’s personality. Thus to develop and bring forth the innate qualities in children, maximum co-operation between the parents and the school authorities is a must.

  8. Parents should instil in the child respect for and obedience to school rules.

  9. Parents should ensure that their children complete the work assigned to them for the next day neatly and cleanly. Parents must check the diary for any remarks by the teacher and sign it duly.

  10. The continued absence of the child should be discouraged, and information must be given in case of leave. Parents are advised not to send their child to the school in case of illness.

  11. Parents should try to develop in the child, habits of working on his/her own.

  12. Parents should avoid criticizing the teachers and the school authorities in front of their child.

  13. Giving presents to staff members is not allowed. A child should be encouraged to inculcate good habits, punctuality, cleanliness and respect.

  14. Parents must immediately intimate the school in case of changes in address or telephone number.

  15. Any person other than the parent coming to take the child must bring an authorized letter from the parent or the guardian.

  16. Private tuition is strongly discouraged, especially from our school teachers.

  17. Parents should regularly attend the parent-teacher meeting.

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