Building Bright Futures

At Golden Earth Global School, Sangrur, we believe that education should not be the mere pouring of knowledge into a vessel but lighting a fire. We endeavour to provide a sound platform to children where they are groomed as the leaders of tomorrow by way of 21st-century pedagogy and infrastructure. We believe in 'learning by doing ', and our teachers perceive themselves as facilitators rather than purveyors of knowledge. Golden Earth Global School is an abode of learning which encourages the apple of our eyes to learn, create, communicate and develop a positive approach towards life.


GEGS, Sangrur is an innovative, creative and energetic organization where each one of us strives through our practice to wholeheartedly serve children and make every learning moment a joyful, effective and meaningful one.


We firmly believe in grooming every child entrusted to our care and preparing the child socially and emotionally in a manner that would enable him/her to face the challenges of life.


Golden Earth Global School, Sangrur prepares the students for a bright tomorrow by inculcating the right values. A safe, caring and orderly environment support our student's critical thinking skills and communication development. We provide opportunities to our students that promote social, emotional, cultural, mental, physical growth and spiritual growth. We strive to develop each child's potential and help the child to recognize his or her ability and encourage positive self-esteem to promote responsibility and creativity.


Golden Earth Global School is the platform that produces confident citizens with active and creative minds, a sense of understanding and compassion for others and the courage to act on their beliefs. That is why value education is a vital part of our curriculum. The institution endeavours to provide a safe, excellent infrastructure to foster a caring and creative environment which is both engaging and responsive to each child at every stage of development.

Golden Earth Global School, Sangrur

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