About Golden Earth Global School

Building Bright Futures

Located in Sangrur, on the Sangrur-Patiala Road, the region of Golden Earth Global School is lucky for being visited by three Sikh Gurus. It is a place which has produced many famous freedom fighters during the independence struggle (viz. Shaheed Udham Singh & others) and some famous Generals in the Indian Army after Independence. The region is known for its productive land, communal harmony and its colourful and resourceful people. It is the ancestral home of Maharaja Ranjit Singh who ruled Northern India for over 40 years and held sway against both the Muslim and the British. Thus it indeed can be called the Golden Earth.


School Campus
The School campus is artfully landscaped with lush green lawns, flower beds and children’s park, enriching the golden land visited by three Sikh Gurus into a charming place to feast both the eyes and the mind.

Golden Earth Global School, Sangrur

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Patiala Road, Sangrur, Punjab 148001